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Hello, my name is Miriam and I’m an Italian girl. I’m twenty-one years old and I live in Italy after I lived for six months in Australia. I’m a student of Oriental languages and I’m studying Korean and Japanese.

My blog is about my thoughts, my projects and my trips. The idea came from my life and my experience. When I was younger, I’ve moved often with my family and I’ve never really felt at home anywhere. Over and over again, my friends and acquaintances, ironically called me ”nomad” or the girl without a house. So after my experience in Australia, I was not satisfied and I wanted to start over again. And at that point, when I realized I can’t get enough of moving from place to place, I suddenly had the feeling that everything was connected. I told myself, I have so many things to tell and to show, I should find the right place. Since then, I’ve written on my blog. 



~I’ve always considered myself a single-minded, open mind, spontaneous and flexible person. I really don’t like judging people and I’m always trying to understand others. My philosophy is based on empathy and kindness. According to me, we should always remember that we’re all human beings and we can make mistakes! But at the same time, we’re all different, we have a different attitude, different stories and experiences so we need to share our thoughts and respect each other at the same time, also if we have different ideas and opinions about the world.

~ According to me travelling means growing up; have new experiences, new situations and you will be able to have a ” personal development”. You will be able to change yourself for the better and most of all you never know what you’ll find outside your home. So in life, you should try everything once, don’t be scared and make the opportunity to become a different person from the past. I would like to share my adventures with you so I hope you’ll enjoy my works. I’m not a professional writer, but I hope I’ll become one! 



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