A trip to the top

Hello guys! Sorry, Recently I've been busy with my trip and I couldn't post any photos. I promise,  I will do it soon! Meanwhile, follow me on my account on Instagram! 🙂 Now I'm in Scotland 

Chaos and beauty 

She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine. 

11월 22일 김치의 날 – Today is ”Kimchi day”

Today Koreans celebrate Kimchi! The date is significant because during November and December, Kimchi is prepared. Indeed Kimjang takes place exactly in this period when family members gather together to share the happiness of making kimchi. Kimchi is one of the most famous Korean food and it usually serves with the main dishes. Even UNESCO... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite songs



Should I ignore my feelings? I think it's all in my mind. 

Night view from Fondaco dei Tedeschi ~ Venice

Se avete la possibilità di recarvi a Venezia, non potete perdere la bellissima vista che offre il palazzo conosciuto come Fondaco dei Tedeschi, situato vicino a Rialto. Potreste ammirare il Gran Canal che divide in due la Serenissima, in maniera del tutto gratuita. Attenzione però, purtroppo, a causa dei molti turisti  che ogni giorno si... Continue Reading →

Love yourself 

I love myself and you? Do you truly know how to love yourself? 

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